Our Services

RealRewards Loyalty Services
Through RealRewards Loyalty Sdn. Bhd. (“RealRewards Loyalty”), we bring to our Business Partners and Members two valuable programs: The RealRewards Privilege Program and RealRewards Points Program. Our Business Partners who participate in these two programs are supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, insurance service providers, and banks. Our Members, totaling more than 4 million, are the decision makers of their own households who purchase goods and services from our Business Partners and obtain discounts and other privileges with their RealRewards Privilege Cards and/or are awarded with bonus points (called ‘RealRewards Points’) with their RealRewards Points Cards and redeem their accumulated RealRewards Points for merchandises, goods and/or services (called “Rewards”). RealRewards Loyalty will continue to develop other loyalty related services to better serve both our Business Partners and Members.

RealRewards Marketing Services
Through RealRewards Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (“RealRewards Marketing”), we have created a bridge for our Members and Business Partners to buy and sell goods and/or services through direct responses channels: Direct Mail Merchandising and Telemarketing. Our staff members are high sales achievers and provide first class quality customer services through telephones. We help our Business Partners to sell goods and/or services to Members who need those goods and/or services through our targeted marketing techniques and data-base facilities. Our selling methods are ‘non-invasive’ yet effective.

RealRewards Marketing plans to introduce other direct response marketing channels like e-commerce and m-commerce.